Royalston Community School News


Some of the many activities at our local Elementary School, grades K-6.

 June 4th, 2000  Royalston Community School Spring Concert!

Much thanks to:


Alicia Drew

Substitute Music Instructor

Bev Chadwick 


Zach Chadwick 



Bev Chadwick 


Zach Chadwick

Solo Accompanist

Some of the Artists!  (Click on small sized pictures for a larger view!)

rcs_sc1N2.jpg (33904 bytes)

Grade one and two: You're a Grand Old Flag, (George M. Cohan).

rcs_sc1st.jpg (34343 bytes)

Grade one:  ABC Rock, (author unknown).

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Grade 3: Don't Let that Music Stop, (Eugene Butler).

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Grade 5 & 6: Common Ground, (Michael Bacon).

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Grade 5 & 6: Land that we Love, (Jill Gallina).

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Grade 5 & 6

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RCS Band, Aztec Sunrise, (by John Edmondson).

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RCS Band

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow, clarinet solo given by Danielle M.

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Feres Jacque, Clarinets (Danielle M., Liz R., Jessica I., Ashley B.).

rcs_scbdmich2.jpg (19167 bytes)

Colors of the Wind, Michelle M., flute solo.

rcs_scbdduet.jpg (25794 bytes)

A Whole New World, duet; Chris J., alto sax and Ashley C., clarinet.

rcs_scbdab.jpg (14376 bytes)

Can You Feel the Love Tonight? Ashley B., clarinet solo.

rcs_scbdds.jpg (18794 bytes)

When You Wish Upon a Star, Dustin S., alto sax solo.

rcs_scbdjess.jpg (15113 bytes)

The Sound of Music,  Jessica P., Alto sax solo.

rcs_schl.jpg (32458 bytes)

My Favorite Things, Heather L., cornet solo.

rcs_scbdside.jpg (29500 bytes)

RCS Band, side view.

rcs_scbd3.jpg (42309 bytes)

RCS Band was Directed by Bev Chadwick

rcs_scbddrums.jpg (28638 bytes)

RCS Band, the drummers cut loose!

rcs_scbd1.jpg (39757 bytes)

RCS Band, American Melody.

Editor's Notes:   Apologies from our Photographer for the blurriness in some of the photos and the absence of photos for the following:   

Beauty and the Beast , Clarinet Solo, by Jessica I.

Edelweiss, alto sax solo, by Chris J.

Dinosaur Dance, performed by the Kindergarten

Grade four activities, 

This Land is Your Land, by the Recorder Band

I Love the Mountains, (traditional)