The Following is an ARCHIVE from Memorial Day 2000.   No NEW MEMORIAL information will be added here.

Memorial Day observations started earlier than many people realize.  First with the hard work and planning of the Memorial Committee. 

On Saturday....

 A "short" six mile hike was made by several Royalston residents, to put up a fresh flag on the Revolutionary War Patriot's gravesite, Nahum Green.  See the link for additional information on this Royalston Patriot. 

 John Divoll deciphers Nahum Green's marker inscription for two of his Grandson's.


On Monday, approximately 200 people turned out for the Memorial Observances in the South Royalston Village.   



Welcome and introductions- Emcee Bob Harris (Town officials, visiting dignitaries, service personnel, parade marshal) ***

Read attached sheet about parade marshal--Ralph Kirkman ***

Invocation (the park) - Rev. Virginia Asel, pastor of the First and Second Congregational Churches of Royalston.

Introduce guest speaker- Emcee Bob Harris

Memorial Day address- Marguerite Langlois

Order Parade to form up - Emcee announce,  ** Royalston Police cruiser, Honor Guard, Marshall, Color guard, firing squad, veteran organization representatives, Ladies' auxiliaries, Town officials and Emcee, Athol Middle School Band, Girl and Boy Scout Troops, other organizations, residents and guests.

March to Riverside Cemetery (by way of School Street, assemble in Cemetery). 

Invocation and dedication of wreaths- Robert and Marie Dio -- Our lady Queen of Heaven.

Placing of wreaths on graves- youth Gun Salute - Firing Squad Taps - Middle School Band Members

Re-assemble parade- March to Miller's River bridge by way of River Road, band selection enroute.

Invocation and dedication of wreath - (Chaplain) Rev. Virginia Asel.

Release wreath into river Gun Salute - Firing Squad Taps - Middle school band members.

March to Hillside Cemetery - (via route 68) band selection enroute.

Invocation and dedication of wreaths- (chaplain) Robert and Marie Dio.

Placing of wreaths - (children) --- Gun Salute- (Firing Squad)  --- Taps - Middle School Band Members

Form up at park around Flag pole (Emcee announce)

Invocation and Dedication of wreath - (chaplain) Rev. Virginia Asel

Presentation of wreath - Ladies' auxiliary

Gun Salute - Firing squad Taps - Middle School Band members

National Anthem - Athol Middle School Band

Hoist Colors to full staff - as National Anthem plays, (Veterans representatives)

Reflections - Selectman William Reopell

A Royalston Poem - offered by John Divoll, followed by the announcement that anyone who wishes may join a group going out to visit veterans' graves at Gale and Gates Cemetery.

Closing prayer - (chaplain) Robert and Marie Dio

Thank-yous- (emcee) To all who participated, and to Girl Scout Troop # 146 for making the wreaths for the cemeteries.

Participants to have soda at the fire station, and  luncheon for parade participants at Our Lady Queen of Heaven.

**** Introduction of Parade Marshall Ralph Kirkman U.S. Army ret. The parade Marshall for today is former Royalston resident Corporal Ralph Kirkman U.S. Army (ret.). He lived in Royalston until he joined the army on July 24, 1940, at 19 years of age. Mr. Kirkman now resided in Concord, New Hampshire. Mr. Kirkman was stationed at Port Harbor Defenses at Hickham Field, in an 8" cannon regiment. He was there for one year before the attack on Pearl Harbor. During the attack on Pearl Harbor, Mr. Kirkman tells that they were not under fire, but did have Navy shells landing in their kitchen! From there, Mr. Kirkman was in a defensive unit until October of 1944, and was transferred to the mainland in the State of Washington. Corporal Kirkman was discharged on the point system on July 18, 1945.

The Royalston Cub Scouts line up to march.

The Royalston Girl Scouts pick up the step.

The Athol Middle School Band performs.

The Color Guard offers a gun salute in Riverside Cemetery.

The Color Guard leads the procession up the steep hill on School Street.

 Selectman William Reopell reads a list of Civil War Veterans from one of the books being archived.