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Phinehas S. Newton Library

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Kathy Morris, Director (978) 249-3572

EMAIL:  royalston@cwmars.org

  The BEST source of Royalston information is on the Library's Webpage. Please see it directly for Library Information, hours, resources and locale happenings.   The Newsletters are the best source of information on the town of Royalston.



Phinehas S. Newton Library News

Online at the Library: Computers with graphic internet service are available for use at the library to all people who hold a valid library card and read and sign the Computer Use Policy. Parents may sign up their children as well. Both computers and a dedicated phone line and internet service were given by the Board of Library Commissioners through the Central Massachusetts Regional Library System.  The Central Massachusetts Regional Library System provides access to two databases: InfoTrac Searchbank and Electric Library.

Infotrac Searchbank provides several databases:

Electric Library provides over six million full-text documents from six different media sources, scholarly journals, newspapers,and news wires, radio and television transcripts, photographs and maps, children's publications, reference and historical sources, and multicultural publications, which are updated daily. In addition, there is a dictionary, thesaurus, sorting options, saving and printing capabilities and context-sensitive online help.

Individuals may also search the internet, use the word processor, and send and receive email. One of the computers provides access to all online library catalogs in Central and Western Massachusetts. Please take advantage of these incredible resources. Help is available to those unfamiliar with using computers as well.

Thank you, Friends

The Friends of the Library support this Newsletter and many other library activities. You can be a friend too. Just print and fill out the Membership Form below.

Friends of the Phinehas S. Newton Library

2007 Membership Form

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Tax deductible. Make checks payable to:

Friends of the Phinehas S. Newton Library, P.O. Box 133, Royalston, MA 01368

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